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my kitten says hello

My heart just melted a little o_o

oh my god little honk honk

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  • AnonymousCan you describe Zayn dream girl?
  • realbrookehiggins

    I dont know for sure but going from what he said he liked i would say dark features like dark hair either dark brunette or off black, brown eyes, light skin, medium height, he prefers a girl to have curves rather than someone skinny but that dont mean he would exclude skinner girls, long legs, he likes it when a girl has her hair curly whether it naturally curly or the girl has curled it herself, he likes a girl with fuller lips and defined cheekbones, he likes a girl who doesn’t wear tons of makeup but he does like it when a girl wears makeup to accentuate her natural beauty, personality wise his dream girl in my opinion going off what i know about Zayn she would have to be able to take banter, caring and positive, romantic, she would have to be someone who doesn’t take offence to the boyfriend getting protective because Zayn can get very protective over his girlfriend in certain situations, she would have to have ambitions and lifetime goals that she aims to achieve, she would have to be family orientated, extremely trustworthy for obvious reasons of him being away a lot of the time for his job, she would have to be outgoing and have a carefree attitude. 

  • Babe, What the hell is Zerrie ?!
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  • AnonymousI wanna see you but your not mine
  • how cute!!! 

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